About us

FreiraumKollektiv is an international organization which campaigns for equal intercultural dialogue, development and socio-political education as well as the promotion of sustainable development. Our goal is to help overcome social prejudice and racism, to promote equal opportunities and to break rigid structures of thought.

Members of the association in Münster
Members of the association in Münster

The work by the association is based on the strong commitment of its volunteer members. Among these are trainees, students and workers of various disciplines. The head office of the association is located in Münster but part of the members live in different European and non-European countries. Particularly, this heterogeneous composition of the association enables us to keep an open view that reaches ‘outside the box’ set and facilitates to intensively deal with different perspectives as well as to work competently for the realization of the goals that we set ourselves.

FreiraumKollektiv serves as an organization for various projects. This currently includes Pamoja, Twende and the education and research project on MigrationFreiraumKollektiv further organizes workshops on topics that are closely related to the goals of the association. These topics include grassroots democracy, group dynamics, anti-racism and global justice.

The Articles of the association of our association can be downloaded and read here.

Structure of the association

During the founding phase of FreiraumKollektiv, the members of FreiraumKollektiv chose for a participatory, grassroots approach. This applies to both the content of the projects, as well as the internal organization of the association. The way that the members of FreiraumKollektiv conduct projects –i.e. self-organized, based on grassroots democracy, and on equal footing – triggers thought provoking impulses, encourages vivid discussions and yields in a critical analysis of social issues.

The aim is to avoid hierarchical structures and to make important decisions in concert. For this purpose, all active members of FreiraumKollektiv meet every two months. Members who cannot be physically present join the conversation through internet conferences. In the meantime, we work across borders in small project groups on various tasks.

FreiraumKollektiv is non-partisan and non-denominational. FreiraumKollektiv is open to all people, who are committed to the goals of the association, and wish to contribute to their realization. New ideas and project proposals that are in accordance with the goals of the association are always welcome and appreciated!