Topic migration

International migration is a worldwide phenomenon which is not new from a historical perspective. But the increase of globalization processes in recent years resulted in a rise of cross-border migrations flows. These circumstances give the aspect of intercultural relations even more significance in immigration societies. Due to this it is of high relevance for society to work out theoretical concepts and practical strategies for the topic of international migration and intercultural relations.

FreiraumKollektiv is looking intensely at the causes and consequences of migration in home and host countries and we are encouraging a social dialogue and debate on migration-specific questions. One working group specifically focused on the topic of migration is a research project on unaccompanied minor refugees.

Research project „Training situation of unaccompanied minor refugees in Germany“

The life situation of refugees in European countries receiving migrants is causing a lot of problems after arrival. Migrants are in unsettled asylum situations and have an uncertain life perspective. After arrival they are confronted with bureaucratic, juristic and personal problems. For the support 'preliminary reception centres' are of particular importance.

The situation of unaccompanied minor refugees in Germany is not getting sufficient attention in science and public media. Our interdisciplinary research aims on a scientific analysis of the situation of young people.
We are particularly interested in integration in social fields like school and leisure on the background of youth welfare and foreigner law. Based on the results of our research we will spread the topic in public through expert podium discussions and presentations in Münster and Bielefeld. In addition a publication in the context of our research is planned.