Pamoja [Swahili: together] is an inter-cultural exchange program organised since 2008 by students from the Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy in Dar es Salaam,Tansania and the following German Universities: WWU Münster, RWTH Aachen, Universität Dortmund.

The exchange of scientific insights, concepts and perspectives takes place in two seminars one in Dar es Salaam and consecutively in Münster. The seminar is organised and designed by the participants in Tansania and in Germany. The workshops and seminars convey content like e.g. development cooperation, migration cultural diversity, sustainable development, globalisation intersected with excursions and shared activities. During the seminar a broad range of NGOs and local stakeholders are involved to deliver insights into local development cooperation and educational projects.

The project stands out from many approaches within the field of development cooperation since it is based on the principles of equal rights in terms of decision making and status. Respect and absence of hierarchies coin the meetings of both groups of students.

By today Pamoja has been arranged for the third time since 2009. Twice the exchange from and to Germany/Tanzania was already successful, and a third instalment towards Dar es Salaam is already in preparation.



The following aspects make Pamoja a uniquely sustainable project:

Self-organizing capacities of each generation:

  • highly motivated participants with outstanding ownership supported through preparation workshops covering contents, organisation and fund-raising by u-We

Local and international support:

  • through broad international networks

Participants become agents of change...

  • ...via spreading content and experiences acquired during the program into the public hence creating spaces for exiting and critical discussions

Cooperation with media outlets and educational and cultural facilities


If you are interested to take part in - or cooperate with - project Pamoja please get in touch with us:


Experiences – Voices from Pamoja-Participants

I am participating, because…

“…the project doesn‘t think about some of us helping the other but to exchange ourselves in order to gain from all of us

“…direct exchange (…) is much more inspiring than reading a book or sitting in a seminar in the university”

„…I liked the idea of learning from each other