The project group Twende [Kiswahili: Let's go!] focuses on the cooperation with the Matumaini Center in Iringa, Tanzania. Since 1990 this NGO provides educational offerings for young single mothers in Iringia. Matumaini translated means hope.

The work of the center is based on three pillars. On the one hand the girls get the opportunity to catch up a primary school graduation. The second pillar is the opportunity for vocational training as a tailor. Program's graduates act as teaching staff here. The third pillar of the center is a nursery and an infant school. For the young women's children classes are free of charge. In 2008 some u-We members got to know Hellen Nkunda and the Matumaini Center while doing a voluntary social year in Iringa. From that first encounter a deep friendship developed.

In recent years more and more young people got involved with the project. For one thing we sell fair traded textiles from the Matumaini Center like bags, stuffed toys and laptop cases. The whole proceeds go to the benefit of the center.

Another part of our work is the assistance of volunteers who are doing a voluntary social year in the Matumaini Center as part of the „weltwärts“ program. Following the idea of the volunteers from the diocese Münster the Referat Weltkirche decided to create a job there.

Problems of financing

Right now the project is on shaky financial ground. There are hardly any secured means of income. Twende is financed by the meagre income of a small shop in the center of Iringa. That's where bags and other products are sold to tourists which are rare in Iringa. In addition there are unregularly donations from Europe which helped to setup a computer room in which classes for external parties are meant to be held. At the moment corresponding teachers are lacking. So the only secured means of income are the tuition fees of the nursing school.

The insecure financial situation has direct impact on the work of the project. Teaching staff cannot be paid, the meals are getting worse and urgent necessary reparations on the house cannot be made.

Our goal is to support the project with the import of Matumaini Center products. We want to establish a sales network and make the project able to finance itself.